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TitanicCon 23 Autographed Prints

SET A       $100                                                         

       Lewis Abernathy  (Lewis Bodine)                           

       Judy Prestininzi  (Praying Woman)                       

       David Knopf  (Stoker)                                               

SET B       $100

        Emmett James  (First Class Steward)

        Edward Fletcher  (6th Officer Moody)

        Ellen Mower-O'Brien  (Frozen Woman with Baby)

SET C       $100                                                         

       Mark Capri  (Steward #4)                                       

       Fannie Brett (Madame Aubert)                               

       Linda Kerns  (3rd Class Woman)


SET D       $100

        Liam Tuohy  (Chief Baker Joughin)

        Rochelle Rose  (Countess of Rothes)

        Alexandra Boyd  (1st Class Woman)

(photos shown here may or may not be the poses used at TitanicCon)

1.  Choose the sets you want.

2.  Choose the personalization.  "To John", "To John Smith", etc.

3.  Submit your order on this form, then submit the pay per the response email.  We take Zelle, Paypal, and Credit/debit card (per response email).

Autographed prints will be signed August 11 at the Conference, and mailed within 2 weeks.

TitanicCon 23 Autographed Prints


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