The RMS TITANIC - the greatest ship that ever sailed.  She struck an iceberg at 11:37 PM, and by 2:20 AM on April 15, 1912, she sank to her eternal resting place more than two miles below the surface of the North Atlantic.  The world has never forgotten…


Explore the account of this great ship’s maiden voyage through the heart of a man whose lifelong passion has been learning and sharing her story.


Presentations appropriate for groups of all sizes and ages.



Each presentation is designed to cater to the requests and interests of the audience. 

Elementary Schools - presentations can be educational, applying science, math, language arts and history lessons. Students are typically excited to ask specific questions and enjoy seeing various photographs and memorabilia on display.

Civic Groups – presentations can focus on one or more of three areas: the history of the ship, the passengers and their stories, or the recovery efforts. Many groups prefer a combined program consisting of all three.

Most groups should allow 2 hours for a high quality presentation.  Bill is always honored to stay afterward to answer questions from those who have attended.



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As a freshman in high school, Bill Willard read Walter Lord’s A Night to Remember for an English class assignment. The story came alive, and he was immediately enthralled with every detail. What began as a page-turner quickly developed into a passion.


Over the years, Bill has collected books about Titanic, commemorative items and more as he has further developed his knowledge about this world tragedy.  Bill graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Physics and went on to get his teaching certificate. For many years, Bill served public high schools in South Carolina, teaching physics, physical science, or astronomy. Hundreds of students over the years benefited from Bill’s keen sense of understanding of how to communicate and teach.


In 1996, Bill had the opportunity to participate in an expedition to the wreck site. While there, he realized there was a need for an underwater camera system that could plunge the two-mile depth of the sea. He offered to create that system. In 1998, his remote-operated vehicle (ROV) that he designed went down to the wreck and filmed various portions of the sunken ship. His efforts have been documented on numerous television shows on many stations, including the Discovery Channel, NBC, the BBC and the E! Network.


On these expeditions, and later, by participating in interviews with some of Titanic’s survivors, Bill combined this passion with his excellent teaching skills into a new hobby – giving presentations so people of all ages can learn more about the ship’s construction, the people, the facts and myths of what happened, as well as the efforts to preserve artifacts from the ship.


In 2010, Bill was asked to serve as a technical consultant in a production of Titanic the Musical in Anderson, SC. Not only did he consult on many aspects of the story, he was invited to play and sing the role of Isidor Straus as well as a German third-class passenger.

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