The RMS TITANIC - the greatest ship that ever sailed.  She struck an iceberg at 11:37 PM, and by 2:20 AM on April 15, 1912, she sank to her eternal resting place more than two miles below the surface of the North Atlantic.  The world has never forgotten…


Explore the account of this great ship’s maiden voyage through the heart of a man whose lifelong passion has been learning and sharing her story.


Presentations appropriate for groups of all sizes and ages.


Each presentation is designed to cater to the requests and interests of the audience. 

Elementary Schools - presentations can be educational, applying science, math, language arts and history lessons. Students are typically excited to ask specific questions and enjoy seeing various photographs and memorabilia on display.

Civic Groups – presentations can focus on one or more of three areas: the history of the ship, the passengers and their stories, or the recovery efforts. Many groups prefer a combined program consisting of all three.

Most groups should allow 2 hours for a high quality presentation.  Bill is always honored to stay afterward to answer questions from those who have attended.

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