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The 1998 Titanic Expedition, led by George Tulloch and PH Nargeolet, was an endeavor its members will never forget.

Now, their first-hand accounts and photos allow you to experience the journey with them as they broadcast the first live television programs from a ship, transmit the first live images from a submersible at the bottom of the North Atlantic, raise the only portion of the Titanic to have been lifted from the ocean’s depths, conduct scientific investigations, and race to outrun a hurricane.

It’s an adventure you don’t want to miss!

OUR STORY - The 20th Annversary of the 1998 Titanic Expedition.


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Project Name Them All


Project NAME THEM ALL is a multidimensional project that desires to recover DNA from the 42 Unknown Titanic victims in Halifax, and to use current Titanic families to match and identify those victims.

Starting with the Halifax history after the sinking, and telling stories of third class passengers and crew, and revealing results to the world takes a collection of specialists and Titanic historians working together.  

Planned are a series of documentaries, 8 hours in fact, filled with history, technology and research as we journey alongside those descendants who support our efforts.

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Bill has performed more that 500 presentations for audiences of all sizes and compositions.


  • Titanic's Recovery efforts by RMSTI

  • Titanic in the Courts, the legal side of it all

  • What made Titanic so special?  (historical)

  • Special women aboard Titanic

  • Titanic's children

  • The Addergoole 14 (a favorite)

  • Project NAME THEM ALL

  • and many more based on the audience and their ages and interests




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