TitanicCon 22

Thursday August 25  - Meet and Greet Social

                                        Opening Sessions begin at 7:45

Friday August 26 - Viewing "The Six" and after                                                             lunch Sessions 3 - 6, featuring

                                         Steve Schwankert, star and lead                                             researcher for "The Six".                                                           At 6:30, the Gala Dinner will be                                               served, followed by our annual                                               Remembrance Session.  

Saturday August 27 - Titanic Attraction Visit, and after                                             lunch Sessions 7 - 11

Sunday August 28, - Conference Breakfast followed by                                               the closing of the Conference.                                                 An option for a second visit to                                                 the Attraction is available.

                                         Noon - Conference Ends.

Conference Venue - The Ridge Outdoor Resort, in Sevierville, TN, in the Event Center at the location.

Scheduled Speakers

Shelley Binder - "Mama Aks"

Mary Payne and Sandy Gallo - "The Newell Family"

Dr. Amber James and selected cast members - "Titanic the Musical - How fun it was!"

Steven Schwankert - star and lead researcher for the documentary "The Six" about the six Chinese survivors of Titanic's sinking.

Frank Goldsmith 

Julie Hedgepeth Williams

check back - other speakers have been invited!


Photos taken by Titanic Conference participants through the years.  These were shared in the Facebook group 

TitanicCon 21 - Titanic Conference 21.

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