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TitanicCon 22 Video Promo!

Thursday August 25  -

          Meet and Greet Social

          Opening Sessions begin at 7:45

          Session 1:  Start on the Outside and Work Your                                     Way In, or First Class Dining 101

          Session 2:  The Tale of Albert and Sylvia Continued


Friday August 26 - Theatrical viewing of "The Six"

          Session 3:  Steven Schwankert, star and lead                                             researcher for "The Six". 

          Session 4:  More tales of Great Grandmother Aks

          Session 5:  TBA

          At 6:30, the Gala Dinner will be served                                  Session 6:  Remembrance Session.  

Saturday August 27 - Titanic Attraction Visit,

          Session 7:  The one and only Paul Burns:  From the                                 Archives of the Titanic Museum and                                     Attraction

          Session 8:  "Tales and Artifacts of a Landlocked                                       Diver" - diver extraordinaire Martin                                     Bailey and his dives on the Empress of                                 Ireland, the Andrea Doria, and U-85

           Session 9:   The Search for Edwin Wheeler

           Session 10:  Frankie and His Posse - How a Child                                      age 9 Endured the Sinking of Titanic

Sunday August 28, -

           Conference Breakfast followed by the closing of                 the Conference.  An option for a second visit to                   the Attraction is available.


TitanicCon 22

Conference Venue - The Ridge Outdoor Resort, in Sevierville, TN, in the Event Center at the location.

Photos taken by Titanic Conference participants through the years.  These were shared in the Facebook group 

TitanicCon 22 - Titanic Conference 22.

04 New York Suite in C majorRobin Gibb, RJ Gibb
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